The third generation: luca litrico



After the death of Franco, in 2004, the atelier went on with its activity thanks to Franco’s first son, Luca Litrico, who has been working in the company since 1991. With Luca a very complex generation change operation started, in a moment in which in the world was starting a new trend involving the fashion market. Luca has had the difficult task to bring back the brand to the sector of high fashion for men, and to start an important work of Brand Identity still in progress today.

Luca Litrico took inspiration for his new creations from the father Franco and from his uncle Angelo, adapting them to modern time. He took special care in collecting all the memories linked to the history of the atelier, such as prizes won, pictures, important dedications by VIP or Head of States, collections, albums of press releases, videos of fashion show etc. that in the course of the years and because of location changes had been deposited in several storehouses and deposits. Through enormous amount of work and efforts by Luca and his wife Stefania a real Historic Archive was created and in November 2008 it was declared by The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism as a national patrimony of “Great Historical Interest”.