The birth of maison litrico in rome



Angelo Litrico, a genial eighteen youth, arrived in Rome from his native Catania and obtained an apprenticeship at the Atelier Marinelli in Via Sicilia.

In 1951 the Atelier had been already renamed under its current name, and it was a few steps from the central Via Veneto, the street of La Dolce Vita. It was a short first step, and the Maison Litrico was the first to organize a whole shows dedicated to fashion for men and match men's models with women pieces which, already in 1950, were presented by important fashion houses.

The atelier of la “dolce vita”

One evening at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, a famous actor named Rossano Brazzi asked Litrico who had created his dinner-jacket. Too embarrassed to reply it was his own, the designer gave him only his address. The day after the actor ordered two suits for more money than Litrico had ever thought possible to obtain. From then on its story began.

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History - The atelier of la “dolce vita” - Tailoring Litrico

The atelier of the cold war

During the presentation of Italian fashion in Russia, Litrico was invited to take part to the event, with its models, together with some of the most important fashion houses. Nikita Krusciov, secretary general of the soviet communist party, who was familiar with Litrico’s creations thanks to a coat who Angelo had given him as a present, before a trip to the United States ordered a full set of clothing including shoes. One of them was the famous shoe that during the Assembly of the United Nations...

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History - The atelier of the cold war - Tailoring Litrico