The atelier of the cold war



During the presentation of Italian fashion in Russia, Litrico was invited to take part to the event, with its models, together with some of the most important fashion houses. Nikita Krusciov, secretary general of the soviet communist party, who was familiar with Litrico’s creations thanks to a coat who Angelo had given him as a present, before a trip to the United States ordered a full set of clothing including shoes.

One of them was the famous shoe that during the Assembly of the United Nations in 1960 Krusciov took off and banged strongly on the main table as a sign of protest. A very shoe by "Atelier Litrico".
In America journalists, used to the notorious Russian lack of elegance, asked Krusciov who was the creator of his suits. He replied that, to ease political tension, he had decided for an Italian tailor called Litrico. Angelo, who at that moment was in the United States for a fashion show, was called for and hundreds of journalists and newspapers all over the world, spoke of him in terms of distinction (articles were written in 37 different languages). From then on he was called the tailor who cut away the iron divide of that difficult political scenario.