Luca Litrico – a “globe trotter” taylor



Luca left Rome and moved the location of the Maison di Alta Moda Maschile in the well famous villa in Zagarolo bought by Angelo in the ’60es. From then on he started again the Globe Trotter tradition transmitted by his uncle Angelo and he gave birth to a careful and peculiar activity of custom made tailoring activity for men to be brought to the home of the client giving its creations a touch of exclusivity and uniqueness so important for modern customers. In 2013 Luca Litrico concentrated his attention to the Russian Market in which we can trace an important and long tradition for the atelier (the first show in Russia dates back to 1957 and saw Litrico as the unique protagonist), it also started an important collaboration agreement with the famous tycoon Emin Agalarov, opening the first foreign atelier in Moscow.

The atelier acquired an important strategic role and prestige in every aspect connected to luxury. Luca is still going to Moscow every 20 days to take care of his exclusive Russian Clientele.