Litrico and pret-a-porter for men



The two important Roman fashion houses, Litrico for men's fashion, and Valentino for women, from Cairo, Alexandria, Amman to Beirut acquired a huge success. Mrs. Nasser had words of praise for Italian fashion, which established itself as representative of utmost beauty and elegance.

In the same year Litrico signed an important agreement for the concession of the Brand Licensing and the tailoring consultation with the important Prêt-à-porter house of “Lebole”, this agreement started the beginning of Prêt-à-porter for men. On the 9th of October 1960 in the beautiful Arezzo in Tuscany there was the signature of one of the most important acts referring to Italian Fashion for Men. The agreement brought together for the first time a high fashion tailoring to the concept of enterprise. Angelo Litrico and Giovanni and Mario Lebole for the “Lebole Confezioni” signed an agreement which established the industrial production of products designed by Litrico.

This was an exceptional act because never before had a high fashion tailor in Italy associated his name and prestige to the industrial production. This act is well known as the beginning of “la doppia elle (or double L) – Lebole Litrico”.