John fitzgerald kennedy, yuri gagarin and christian barnard



Litrico brought his collections in all the countries of the four continents opening to all the brands of Italian fashion, starting commercial relations and distribution agreements and collaborations with the most important Department Stores in America, England, Germany and Japan. He started one of the most important sectors of the Italian economic history.

Thanks to Litrico  «Made in Italy for men», started, a fashion tradition in Italy characterized by Work, Humanity and Joy. In 1979 the important friendship between the heart surgeon Christian Barnard and Litrico began. The surgeon once in Italy for his first trip on the country asked to be introduced to the important tailor and Gina Lollobrigida. Litrico and Barnard met and the last (famous for the first heart transplant ever performed) had Litrico make for him in an evening a suit suitable to meet the Pope.

The tailor did not accept any payment he asked to have a sick boy examined. The child was later operated thanks to the economic contribution of Litrico. From this anecdote followed an important friendship that saw the treatment in South Africa of many Italian children affected by heart problems.