Great politicians dress litrico



The name of Litrico was already famous. Its small atelier got full with Italian and foreign clients; Litrico was called all over the world. Wherever he went, Litrico not only showed his clothes, but he created important business connections, opening important chances to Italian fashion for men.
Angelo was the first Italian tailor to sign a contract with an important Japanese fashion house; after the first contracts others followed. The name of Litrico was famous all over Europe, in the United States, in Japan, in south Africa, in South America and in Australia.

Many celebrities recurred to Angelo and its atelier: for example, artists as Manzù, Carpi, Consagra, D’Orazio, Mastroianni, Caron, Greco, Cagli, Guttuso; poets as Rafael Alberti, Quasimodo, Ungaretti; orchestra directors as Schippers, Sinopoli, Caracciolo, Pani, Gelmetti; actors, film directors, singers as Richard Burton, John Houston, Rossano Brazzi, Amedeo Nazzari, Vittorio Gassman, Domenico Modugno; statesmen and polititians as Kennedy, Tito, Perón, Pertini, Nasser, Leskol, Gronchi, Leone, Re Hussein, Eisenhower, Mac Milian, Nixon, Kubitschek, Andreotti, Colombo, Preti, Morlino, Tanassi, Malfatti.