A brief glance on the history


Maison Litrico, fashion for man


The Litrico tailor of Rome has always had a prominent position in the world of Italian Haute Couture, helping to reinforce the qualified image of the "Made in Italy".
It was the initial men's Fashion House to present it's models alongside women's fashions, transforming and creating since the 50's the style of men's dressing. Also is one of the founder members of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber for Italian Fashion) and one of the first firms to introduce Italian fashion through promotion and collaboration with different international companies in the garment industry.

It was Nikita Kruschev who, in 1959,  removed a shoe at the United Nations in New York, beating it violently on the table in sign of protest. Not any old shoe, but one of the accessories ordered from the Soviet Premier, together with other items of clothes, to Angelo Litrico, the great men’s tailor from Catania, for the thaw to the cold war.

In 1957 Italian fashion was attracting attention in Russia and Litrico was invited to participate. Angelo had the idea of bringing a gift for Khrushchev - a coat. As he didn't know Khrushchev's size, Litrico made it according to a photo he had seen.

The Prime Minister thanked Litrico and repaid him with an expensive camera. Afterwards, the correct measurements were sent.